10 Best Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience for Your Online Shoppers

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If you’re an owner of an online store or e-commerce website, the customer experience you provide will be the make or break of your business. If you dismiss customers or provide a poor service, you can bet your bottom dollar that will come back to bite you. Hundreds, if not thousands of start-up businesses have fallen short on this aspect of business but unfortunately, they’re not around to tell the tale. So you don’t make the same mistakes, here are the ten best tricks and tips you can use to better your customer experience online, resulting in higher sales and a more successful business.

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Welcome to Our Online Store

In this modern age of technology, there are plugins and software that are readily available that allows you to greet and advise your customers in a personal way. Imagine walking into your favourite shoe store, and the assistant greeted you by name and lead your around the store. Sounds far-fetched? Thanks to the connectivity and integration of Facebook, you can now do just that in your store.

Use Reviews

Nothing sells a product better than reviews from other shoppers. Word of mouth is the greatest sales tool. However, as a startup, you may have these reviews yet, and it could be driving shoppers away. When creating your website, create product reviews and refine your websites, so your users are more likely to buy. If you have a genuine product, it won’t be long before you’ve got a ton of positive reviews behind you. In the meantime, you can use websites, such as UK Top Writers and Custom Essay to create reviews and write your website pages.

Use Analytics

According to one survey, over $4 trillion worth of products currently sits in website shopping baskets across the internet. Whatever platform you’re using, making sure that you refer to your analytical dashboard to see what pages they were on when they left. This will allow you to analysis the page for ways to improve therefore bettering your customer experience next time.

Promote Perfection

Nobody likes reading an article or book if it was riddled with grammatical errors and mistakes. In the online world, this will cost you a serious amount of sales. Before launching, ensure you proofread everything on your website. If in doubt, have this service conducted by a professional writer, such as the ones at Write My Essay or use Ginger while you’re writing.

Remember Context

Hand in hand with the point about, ensure that your personalisation is contextual. For example, if your store sells many products, a user may sign on to purchase a gift for someone else, say, a child. When they sign back onto your website, looking for something for them, you don’t want to start bombarding them with child recommendations. The best way to eliminate this problem is by offering a selection on your landing page where they can choose where they want to go.

Promote Precision

Similar to the consideration above, if you’re listing out products and detailing each one with chronic detail, nobody wants to sit and read through it all. Especially if they’re shopping from a mobile device while on the move. Try and keep product descriptions and written content to a minimum. With product descriptions, aim for 100 words maximum. You can use Word Count to track this figure while you write.
Likewise, the grammar of your website copy and product descriptions will need to be perfect for the best customer experience. Your entire store needs to be as flawless as possible. If you don’t have the time, with the help of tools like State of Writing and Do My Essay can do the hard work for you.

Out of Stock Notifications

One of the biggest contributors to loss of sales is through out of stock items. If you’re a startup, this may be a common initial problem. So, you don’t lose the sale altogether once your customer leaves, offer to send them a notification when the item is available again.

Retrieve Product Feedback

Many people simply can’t be bothered to leave product reviews but they will if it’s made easy. To build up your positive reviews and to gain essential insights on your product and how to improve, email or notify your existing customers to give feedback. To increase your success rates, offer a 5% discount with their next order, another sure-fire way to boost sales.

Custom & Personal Emails

Perfecting your email strategy is an essential concept you need to perfect. The language you use, the format you use and the way you communicate to your customers can make the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Find a method that works and stick to it. Don’t forget to do your research beforehand!

Self-Help Support

The last thing you’ll want to consider to improve your customer service is a self-help support service. Statistically, 72% of online customer would rather type a question into a FAQ box than ring up or email a company. This is great news as you don’t have to spend your time answering questions or have to employ someone else to do it! However, you will need to create a very comprehensive FAQ section on your store.

10 Best Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience
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