Should you go with a Cheap DIY Website?

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Less than 30% of small and medium business owners will hire a specialised company to build and maintain their website. We see an increase in small businesses adopting DIY websites, instead of hiring professional web designers.

Cheap DIY Website
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07930436515But is it a bad thing to build your own business website? Well, this is a long story, but here are the biggest mistakes of cheap or DIY websites and how they can negatively affect your business:

1. DIY or cheap websites are often designed to please the business owner and not the potential clients.

By building a website by yourself and stuffing everything you think it’s useful in
there will only damage your business. This is a biased approach and the consequence is that you’ll lose most of your potential clients just because the website looks unprofessional and
it’s clearly made by an amateur. Would you ever want to hire a company which presents itself in a very unprofessional manner?

2. Cheap websites are usually not responsive or mobile friendly, causing business owners to lose 60% of potential customers looking for their products or services.

Whether your target audience is based on consumers (B2B) or you work only with businesses (B2B), everybody these days is most of the day busy or in motion. Nobody has enough time to spend in front of a desktop computer to look for your products or services. Instead, they will use their mobile devices most of the times for this. If they can’t read a word on your website, simply because your website is not optimised for mobiles (not responsive), you lose them. And according to the latest surveys, mobile internet users today is more than 55% of the total amount of internet users in the UK alone.

3. With no clear call to actions, DIY and cheap websites have the lowest conversion rate from website visits to sales.

It happens all the time, that a potential client sent you an email, asking for a quote or for some additional information, not knowing that you check your email only once a week. They should’ve called you instead, right? But how would they know? Not having a clear call to actions on your website can cause a tremendous loss of business, simply because your potential clients will find somebody else to hire, by the time you respond to their enquiry.

4. DIY or cheap websites most of the times have outdated content, which leads to unsatisfied visitors and losing potential clients.

This happens all the time with sole traders or small businesses.
They list their services, their prices, some accreditation’s here and there and then, they think their job is done. And in time, they realise that less and less of their clients are coming from internet enquiries and end up believing that having a website online is a waste of time, because they’ve got no enquiries or leads coming from that website. Wrong! People don’t want to waste time to check if your business is still active or trading, simply because you have an outdated website with some old accreditation’s from 10 years ago and some old and unprofessional photos from 15 years ago, when you first started your business.
They’ll just close the website and go to your competitors. Why? Because they have recent updates on their website, they present themselves in a professional manner online and they have clear call to actions and contact channels with a response time of minutes or hours, not weeks or months.

You have to understand that your website can be either your most powerful and effective marketing tool for your business or a complete waste of time and money.

Hiring a professional web designer will not only give you solid chances to see a return of your investment, but also to get a stable and constant stream of clients, without spending any more money or moving a finger.

If you’re looking to get a professional website up and running for your business, give us a call on 07930 436 515. We’re always happy to help!


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