Web Design Tips for Success in 2017

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Web design tips

The web world is rapidly growing and evolving, trends come and go and something that was in style yesterday may not be today. In today’s growing world getting a new or revamped website is vital if you want a prominent presence in the digital world. A poor website is considered worse than not having a website at all. Much like fashion, web design is evolving with trends and fads coming and going. When it comes to website design you need to make a professional impression, you will need to keep everything up to date and on trend. Follow these web design tips to keep ahead of the game.

Modern Retro Design:

Retro web design style

Modern retro design influences the early time of the computer, which ranged from 1970’s to 1990’s. Despite the fact they reflect old traditional designs they still have an emotional connection with the users which makes an impact on increased traffic, conversion, and retention. The design speaks to people aged 30 to 60 as they are familiar with it and shows trust and compatibility.

The colours used in the modern-retro website design are termed as “happy colours” which generally seem to be red, orange, golden yellow and neon colours. The vibrancy of colours enhances the mood of a visitor and compels them to stay for longer on your site. What’s more, the design encompasses typography trends with custom typefaces that distinguish a brand and puts emphasis on primary messages of the website.

Why Use Modern-Retro Style in Web Design?

  • It’s a light, fun, and trustworthy design style.
  • It’s shapes and bright colours grab attention.
  • It’s pixel-based styles portray a bygone era at a glance.

Themes such as tech and music are easy to work with and easy for users to understand.

The Colour Transitions:

The Colour Transitions

What’s new this year with colour transitions. Being in the same trend, brands are adding multi-coloured changes in their logo design and web design. We are expecting more companies are going to add up extra colours in their design to attract their users.

Use of Geometric Shapes:

Geometric Shapes in Design

This trend of using geometric shapes and patterns started in 2016 and has continued this year. The geometric and flat designs were the most used design style last year. They simplified the visuals and delivered a great user experience. This year, flat designs with patterns contrasted with simple typography seem to be the new trend.

Minimalism Persists:

No matter what trends come and go, minimalist design is more attractive than ever and is definitely one that’s going to persist. Brands use minimal design as it’s the best way to communicate with the users, and the excessive-minimal typography and layouts will still feel cutting-edge in 2017. Keep the typography simple, huge and bold to get attention, that’s one simple design rule to follow when designing sites.

Huge Typography:

Web design this year will be encompassing bold and sleek typography. Web designers create a mix between bold typography and sleek text that communicates a clear message while also engaging your content with the audience.

The Era of Story Doing:


Actions always speak louder than words, and it’s the time of story doing and not story telling. The trend is moving towards animations and animated GIFs rather than static images. For decades, the internet has been characterised by static, non-moving content but in the last couple of years, website designers have increased the use of video content and now have moved towards the use of animations and GIFs.

In A Nutshell,

No matter what the design trend is, the ultimate goal is to create a better user-experience and get good conversions. A website is the online face of your business. Personalised and interactive UI elements connect your site with an audience on a more personal level and ultimately push your brand and sales. Stay up-to-date with trends and keep tweaking your design elements to look distinctive.

Web Design Tips Written By,

Carissa Melvin, a content marketing expert who helps brands increase their online visibility. She works with a design company where she handles content and digital marketing.

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