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Would you like a business card for $5 (around £4) or maybe a Whiteboard animation to impress your customers for $5 or even a professional logo, for guess what only $5 well you can with a site called Fiverr

We love Fiverr, what an amazing website. If you have a business, whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business, startup or even a larger company we can all use Fiverr’s services to boost everything from traffic to sales and ultimately that’s what we’re all after is more sales.

Do you know the best part? it only costs $5.

There’s everything from video voiceovers, whiteboard presentations to listing your company in 30 business directories. You can get almost anything for $5. There’s upsells on a lot of gigs but the basic gig usually starts at $5 and 9 times out of 10 this is all you need.

If you have never heard of Fiverr before then you have stumbled upon the right place, even if you have heard of Fiverr, we have tested these gigs and have had great success with them. In this article, I will show you the best 10 Fiverr gigs to improve your business. I have tested these gigs myself and have done extensive research to bring you the top 10 plus Oh, and by the way, I use these on a regular basis. I will show you how to save money and even get a discount for your first gig.

Let’s begin, head over to Fiverr to signup.

These are our favourite 10 plus gigs starting from first designing a logo and ending with website reports and re-writing articles to improve your website. We have tried to keep these in some sort of order.

1) Logo Design – Our Recommendation

2) In-depth Keyword Research – Our Recommendation

3) Write Content for Blog Articles or Website – Our Recommendation

4) Citations – Submit website to local UK Business Directories – Our Recommendation

5) Design and code a newsletter – Our Recommendation

6) Promote product through email marketing – Our Recommendation

7) Create an 8 week social media plan – Our Recommendation

8) Create a Whiteboard animation – Our Recommendation

9) 900 Inspirational quotes for social media – Our Recommendation

10) Actionable SEO Report – Our Recommendation

11) Re-write or tighten up Blog Article or Website Content – Our Recommendation

Please check back regularly as I will be constantly updating this list to bring you the best Fiverr gigs in 2017

When starting out on Fiverr it might seem like you have struck gold, unfortunately however, this is not always the case. There are some great gigs and there are some awful gigs. We hope this post has been helpful in getting you started with some amazing gigs that deliver what they say. If you want to try out some for yourself, the obvious thing to do is to look for the high rated gigs, that said some new arrival gigs without ratings may still be excellent, I would recommend ordering one from a high rated seller and a new arrival, then test the results. You may stumble upon a hidden gem.

Here’s some advice on Gigs to go for and gigs to avoid like the plauge.

Go for gigs like:

– Reports
– Graphic design
– Video related
– PDF related
– Social media related (ask to see profiles before ordering)

Avoid gigs like:

– SEO Links
– Bookmarking
– Article submissions
and be careful of any gigs that have no ratings (unless you’re testing them. Even if testing avoid the above)

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