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You will need to regularly check and update plugins on your WordPress site. updating regularly will help keep you safe from hackers, helps the site run smoothly and will continue to make the site function as did when it was new.

If you have the basic hosting package we require you to carry out the updates yourself. It’s really important that you check and update regularly.

If you are on the Ultimate hosting package please ignore this. With the Ultimate package we will keep on top of updates and daily backups for you. If you are on the basic package we advise you to read and act on the following steps as soon as possible to keep your site running smoothly and safe from threats.

Why do I need to update?

You can imagine plugins are like mobile phone apps, once installed they can do different jobs and can change the functionality of your site. Typical plugins are: contact forms, security plugins, galleries etc. We have tried and tested the plugins that we use and know they work flawlessly with our website’s framework. We know what works and won’t crash the site or slow it down. If you add your own plugins, it’s advised to contact us first to see if they will work well and they are not banned from our servers. You won’t need to add any security plugins to your site(s) as we have this covered in all our hosting packages.

To check if you need to update anything please head over to your dashboard. The login details will be in an email that we sent when the site was completed. Contact us if you cannot find these details.

Step 1

Go to your dashboard and click ‘Updates’ if there’s a red dot next to it.

Step 2

Do a backup of your site as explained below before updating anything. Then update WordPress and plugins if required.

Step 3

Next update plugins by ‘Selecting all’ and ‘Update Plugins’

Before updating anything you should make a backup of your website, there are free and paid plugins to do complete backups of your site. If your site is large you will need the paid versions. We do weekly backups on all sites but we advise you to make your own backup before updating. There are two plugins we recommend, Duplicator (free version) Updraft (paid version). Once you have these installed and have made your backup, please deactivate the plugin as they are resource heavy and will slow sites down.

Can I expect any problems after an update?

As plugins are created by 3rd parties there can sometimes be issues and they may not function as expected. If this happens please deactivate the plugin by going to: Dashboard – Plugins – Click the Checkbox and Deactivate. Then install a plugin called ‘WP-Rollback’ this can be found by again going to: Dashboard – Plugins – Add new – then search for ‘WP-Rollback’.

Once this is installed and activated, go to the plugin area and you will now see a roll back option directly below the each of the plugins. Once clicked this will take you back to a previous version of that plugin.

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